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Keep It Simple StyleSheet

What is it?

KISSS is a minimalistic CSS Framework

What is KISSS?

KISSS is mainly HTML/CSS framework, with some minimal vanilla JS. It’s designed to be mobile first and as lightweight as possible. Visit to see in action.

Yet another HTML/CSS boilerplate? U mad?

Not at all. One day i found myself in a situation when I needed a simple, elegant and easily customizable framework for small website project. Only basic stuff - some simple layout, light grid compatible with RWD, and good usability on all devices - including mobile ones. Not a big deal, sure there must exist one. So why I have found myself wrong?

Have you ever tried customizing one of those modern frameworks? All you have to do is install SASS and make changes. OK, let’s install SASS… oh it needs gem too. Oh wait… What?! I need ruby too? So we end up downloading few hundred MB of dependencies just to change font color?

Another thing is all the client side dependencies. Why does everyone need JQuery everywhere? Am I the only one who cares about CPU cycles, especially on mobile devices?

“Screw this. I’m doing my own thing.”

What does it cover?

  • True mobile first design. Ready to use layout with superb mobile accessibility. Try it yourself. Visit from mobile.
  • Responsive Web Design (RWD) - looks good on different screen resolution and sizes
  • General HTML elements styling based on 3-color scheme
  • Basic grid system for managing elements layout

How do I?

As simple as:

git clone

or by downloading latest version from:

That’s it. Use index.html as your starting point. There are no dependencies, except web browser. The only technologies used are: HTML5 CSS3, vanilla JS and… Bash+GNU Awk for altering colors ( script)

When to use it

KISSS was made by sysadmin for sysadmins. This means it doesn’t utilize any modern web development tools as it’s not designed to scale and be a base for large projects. It’s awesomeness shines in situations like:

  • Quickly deploying some web UI for your application i.e. company intranet webpage
  • Designing a simple homepage
  • Increasing usability of existing raw HTML interfaces

When not to use it?

  • For projects needing frameworks covering all aspects of modern web design
  • For large and complex projects


  • Rewrite script from gawk to awk
  • Make altering logo simpler
  • Enable easier font altering